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About our Company

Our company started through the development of a product that filled a need. Keep the newspaper dry and give the paper delivery person, a convenient place to put newspapers and flyers that didn't interfere with regular residential mailbox delivery.

After making minor changes to the prototype, it was test-marketed on a door to door basis to evaluate customer response. Many of our customers found it useful to have a newspaper holder in addition to their residential mailboxes as often the mailbox was not large enough to hold the paper, flyers and mail. Those customers without regular mail delivery were happy to have a newspaper holder to keep their daily newspaper dry. Our holder design is more decorative and longer lasting than the standard metal newspaper boxes and won't rust or fade.

Over 1000 of our Newspaper Holders were sold.

We are proud to say our newspaper holder has been given a registered industrial design patent.

Recently our company has increased its production capacity and we are new launching our holder on the internet. Our product is Not Sold in Any Stores. "Buy Factory Direct" and be the first to install one in your neighbourhood.

Not Sold in Any Stores!


Promotion Tip #1
For real estate agents, our newspaper holder makes the perfect housewarming gift for your new client. Make sure they remember to refer you to their friends by placing your promotional sticker or logo and contact information on the bottom section of the Newspaper Holder.

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Phone/Fax 250-962-6670 or Email: newspaperholder@telus.net